• “In her classes, Mary St. Onge creates an extraordinary combination of the physical and philosophical practice of yoga and being her student has brought about amazing improvements in my mind/body balance. With her clear voice and exemplary grace she has guided me to extend the edges of my stamina, flexibility, and equilibrium. The spirit embodied in Mary’s teaching imparts a sense of well being that reaches beyond and reinvigorates my life outside of class.”—C.S.


• “Practicing yoga with Mary enables me to shed ‘stuff,’ create space, make an opening available for grace, which sometimes chooses to appear. Under Mary’s tutelage, I’ve learned to listen to my body and respect what it tells me. I’m learning  to follow my own light.”—J.G.


• “I had dabbled in yoga via DVD’s, but didn’t know how important the in-person instruction can be. Mary takes us all where we are, knowing every day is different, and helps us learn to acknowledge, address and diffuse the physical and mental distractions that impair our clear sense of purpose. Although that may seem a little deep, every once in a while, I just have a practice that lets me tune out the world and breathe.”—Margaret B.


• “Mary has been in and out and in my life.  While her physical presence wasn’t always present, her spirit was and is.  I’m not sure how one can have a serious smile, but she does, greeting everyone who walks through the door with charm, grace and sincerity.
Her classes manage to meet the students where we  are with gentle adjustments and encouragement.  Humor erupts just when needed and settles any anxiety in the room. Regardless of the weather outside, the temperature inside, both physical and emotional, is tempered to the scene.
While we all practice asana and pranayama, we become aware we are practicing life encouraged by quotes, readings, wisdom and challenges.
Her life has been a yoga practice and what she has learned and earned she shares freely and honestly.  She helped me learn to breathe, just breathe.”   Carol R.


• “I have been taking yoga from Mary St. Onge for about a  year and a half. It has been the greatest experience for me in that I enjoy the way Mary teaches.  I have been to other yoga classes before, but nothing that fulfills me like her class.  Taking Mary’s class, I feel so much better with all the great movements and stretching we do. She never pushes you to do anything that you don’t feel you can do. She’s always encouraging to everyone and has the greatest smile!  Mary is the most delightful person teaching yoga and I just love going to her class.”—Colleen B.


• “I started practicing yoga at a very vulnerable time in my life and in Mary’s classes I have learned how to heal myself from within and that it’s ok to take care of me first. Through the practice of yoga under Mary’s guidance, I have gained more confidence in myself to handle whatever life sends my way.  I feel such inner peace every time I leave one of her classes that I can’t wait for the next one. I highly recommend Mary to anyone who is looking for peace and serenity in their life-    Carol S


“I made friends and experienced a whole new level of relaxation that I haven’t experienced in another vacation that I can remember.  I did not even look at the clock, didn’t wear my watch, didn’t think or worry about what was next.  The benefit of learning to breath is as important off the mat as on it.   That learning to let go was probably the very best part of the whole experience (and the food and conversations were fabulous, too!)  An interesting side note, both my husband and my mother said I was glowing.  I could have been the September Minnesota sun, but more likely was the outer reflection of a bit of inner peace.   — Margaret B.


“I was amazed at how good I felt when I got home!  I also was surprised at how quickly my breathing changed.  Being at a retreat for 5 days and concentrating on breathing so intensely was amazing.  I honestly don’t know when I have ever felt so good”.   Michal S


“Aside from deepening and strengthening my practice, I loved the feeling of peace and calm I came away with.  For months afterward, I would think of the experience, breathe a deep, happy sigh, and smile”.   Lisa B


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