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Sattva Yoga Classes

Location: Fitness By Design, 4715 Grand Ave., Des Moines, Iowa

“Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.” B.K.S. Iyengar                               DSCN1363

If you can breathe, you can do yoga!  Yoga has been shown to calm the mind, improve sleep, manage stress, and increase physical strength, energy, flexibility, and balance. It also promotes health by assisting with the respiratory, digestive, circulatory, immune and nervous systems.

Our small, nurturing classes (12 student max) use time-honored yoga postures, pranayama and meditation to bring you into vibrant, sattvic balance. Sattva is a Sanskrit word for tranquility, wholesomeness, harmony, lucidity and light. It is a state of being that comes from purity of mind and leads to an awareness of our connectedness to all things. By incorporating yoga philosophy and the principles of yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda, we help you understand how to live in accordance with nature to keep balanced on and off the mat. With time, you will achieve flexibility and strength in both the mind and body as you journey inward to discover your highest self.

  • Gentle Yoga/Level 1 (Sundays 11:30 am ): Working with the breath, we lubricate joints and open hips and shoulders. Learn proper alignment and practice basic postures in a nurturing, non-competitive environment. Classes end with stress reducing restorative postures.  Perfect for beginners and those who enjoy a gentler practice.
  • Hatha Yoga/Mixed Level (Wednesdays 8:30 am & 5:45 pm; Fridays 8:30 am, Sundays 10 am): Improve flexibility, increase strength and enjoy better body alignment with a flowing practice that removes chi or prana stagnation and focuses on movement, muscular contraction and balance. Classes end with 10 minute meditation.  Each series studies a yoga philosophy in depth in the context of our asana practice. Suitable for all levels.
  • Yin Yoga & Restorative Yoga (Mondays 8:30 am & 5:45 pm): This form of therapeutic yoga is an antidote for stress. It is practiced on the floor with longer holds using props to more fully relax. The deep and harmonious practice unblocks the flow of vital energy throughout the body. Stretch and lengthen connective tissue through moving slowly and holding poses for several minutes while relaxing the muscles to release chronic held tension. Each class ends with a 10-minute meditation.

Each 8-week series builds on a theme and provides a depth of knowledge in addition to your asana practice. To secure your spot, pre-register at at on the Mind/Body Online link ($120/series or $18/drop-in). Series runs October-May.


Yoga + Recovery


Location: Fitness By Design, 4715 Grand Ave., Des Moines

“Breathing in acceptance. Breathing out surrender. So on you will go, in whatever you are doing, breathing. Upon awakening, before going to sleep, during quiet moments of relaxation, during stressful and unpleasant times, ask yourself, ‘Am I breathing? Am I alive?'”

Addictions and co-dependency can harm our physical and spiritual health and deeply affect those who love us.  We all want to be truly happy, joyous, and free.  But addictions can rob us of our freedom.  Hope can be found through the calming and centering effects of Yoga.  Yoga can help us to heal from the inside out.

Through a gentle awareness of the body, a focus upon the breath and an exploration of the twelve steps on the mat, we learn coping mechanisms that help us through our recovery off the mat in our daily lives.  Classes combine discipline, strength and balance/ active and restorative yoga and meditation.  Come prepared to open your mind and your heart.

Sundays at 1 pm. Donation-only class.


Aerial Yoga 

Aerial yoga Rachel JensenLocation: Fitness By Design, 4715 Grand Ave., Des Moines

“I fly because it releases my mind from the tyranny of petty things.” Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Aerial yoga is a combination of traditional yoga poses done on the floor, and postures practiced using a soft fabric “trapeze” (called a sling) suspended at waist height, allowing you to access traditional yoga postures in new ways. Some students find it helps give them new understanding and ease into poses they fear. There is very little pressure or stress on the joints, especially the spine, and inversions are accessed easily with no strain on the neck, back or shoulders. Aerial yoga helps ease one of the biggest complaints today—back pain. It’s so much fun you don’t even realize what a great workout you’re getting, and it’s a wonderful complement to your mat practice.

Wear a shirt that covers your underarms completely and don’t wear jewelry, belts or anything that could snag the fabric. Please do not attempt aerial yoga if you have a heart condition or glaucoma. Consult with your doctor if you have a spinal injury or any medical condition.

A 1-hour private aerial yoga session is $75; semi-private for 2 is $100 (a private lesson is a pre-requisite). By appointment only.



Private Yoga Sessions

“We don’t see things as they are, we seem them as we are.”  Anais Nin

Private instruction is useful in developing a home practice and in learning to adapt group class postures to serve your individual needs. Students frequently want to practice yoga more often than they can come to group classes.  A home practice consultation includes evaluation of your personal goals, strategizing how to make your practice consistent, and a written practice plan. Home practice consultations are most effective when done in conjunction with group yoga classes.

Group class students frequently benefit from personalized help to deepen their yoga practice.  Coaching sessions include feedback on how to properly perform yoga postures and adaptations for your individual goals and body.  Students who have attended coaching sessions report that the sessions help them make huge strides in improving their yoga practice.

A single session is $75; weekly sessions are $65 each. By appointment only.


Beyond Asana

“Music is what feelings sound like.”

Location: Radiant Om Studio, 7964 Hickman Road, Windsor Heights
Come enjoy a joyful practice of bhakti yoga. We will raise our voices and open our hearts in kirtan (chants and singing), delve into yoga philosophy, and move into a sweet calm through gentle and restorative postures. Our practice will end with an extended meditation where we find at our core a sense of quiet, the very essence of yoga.

Grief Yoga Workshop—Healing on the Mat

Location: Radiant Om Studio, 7964 Hickman Road, Windsor Heights

“The only thing that lives forever is love.” —Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

Grief is a normal human reaction to loss.  During these times, physical and emotional health may become impaired as the stress of grief demands more from the body than it can handle.  Our vital energies become blocked and may cause difficulty sleeping, sadness, stress, even disease. Through the calming and centering effects of Yoga, we can learn to compassionately release these blockages.

By coming together in community, we will co-create a safe and nurturing space to help understand and facilitate a process of healing.  We don’t get over our grief, we change our relationship to grief.

Through a gentle awareness of the body, a focus upon the breath and an exploration of self-enrichment yogic practices that you will take home with you, we learn coping mechanisms that help us through our grief on and off the mat. These practices will empower us to re-enter a joyful, purposeful life. Come prepared to open your mind and your heart.

Next Workshop April 2015.    For more information, visit To register, email Robin at

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